The adidas brand has a long history and an unmistakable identity. Our strong bond with the sports world is the seed that has allowed adidas to flourish into an authentic lifestyle that speaks to entire generations with a language inspired by contemporary culture. From sports fields to busy streets, from gymnasiums to auditoriums, our Originals and Sport eyewear collections are where creative research, sustainable innovation, and high-performance materials naturally come together. Through them we always keep our gaze on each individual’s power to change the world.


Designed with a view to inclusive and sustainable sports, the adidas Sport Eyewear collection was born to inspire a winning spirit, with its outstanding technological tradition and quest for innovative designs. The result is a collection of extremely reliable and performing frames offering maximum ventilation, lightness, protection and grip.


The common vision and perspective of the brand define the mosaic of a world in which the real style of every modern sneakerhead comes to life. So whether you are on the pitch, by the pool or in the city, here you can find the perfect sunglasses for your own style.


The new adidas Originals eyewear collection is fuelled by sports engaging in city playing fields and merging with a broad and inclusive contemporary street culture. The results of our deep connection with diverse personalities and identities are sunglasses and eyeglasses created to tell and share personal stories. It’s all about enhancing the everyday experiences.

With a focus on design and colours we define our eyewear frames with a bold and modern attitude. Uniting comfort and our sports legacy in a vibrant and young look, recognizable with iconic shapes and details. The authentic Originals Trefoil logo stands out while the thick and contoured temples underpin the original heritage of the adidas brand.


Our lightweight frames perform on any level, ensuring maximum ventilation, protection, fit and grip. Different types of lenses easily adapt to any activity, climate and visibility, in order to offer the best results for every style and sport.


Uniting comfort, safety and high-performance is the focus of the new adidas Sport Eyewear collection. Each frame is built to offer protection and ensure lightness and stability, adapting to the sports specific needs of athletes. Empowering to compete on every level, from beginners to pro athletes. Technology and design join forces to define the characteristics of each style, seeking for the perfect balance between functionality and wearability to sustain performance and improve results.

Combining technical elements – innovative spoilers, wraparound silhouettes, and protective, well-ventilated shapes – with unique aesthetics such as chromatic details identify our sunglasses. Each element of the new adidas Sport Eyewear collection —nose pads, grip details, customized lenses — transforms stylistic expertise and technological research into an accessory that truly reflect the spirits, values, and dreams inspired by sports.

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